Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ok so its been forever.  I went back and read my last post which was about me taking my ATI test for nursing school.  Its crazy to think that now I have been a nurse for over a year now!  It makes me so sad that I have missed out on documenting so many experiences that I have had in the past year.  It has been very eventful so I will try and remember some of the highlights and put those in some of the upcoming posts :)
Right now Joel is very busy in his second year of medical school.  Joel really is doing so great in school this year.  Im so proud of him and how hard he works. 
We got a DOG!!  That was a pretty big change in our lives.  I was searching on craigslist for a new lawn mower and came across a picture of this cute little puppy.  It was love at first sight.  I knew I wanted her!  When we got her she was only 1 lb.  She was so tiny and looked like a little mouse running around our house.  The first week we got her all she wanted to do was cuddle with us.  She loved sleeping in my arm pit or snuggled up to my neck.  I remember thinking, " I am so glad that we got a dog that is so calm, cuddly, and dont know how to bark!".  Fast forward 5 months and our cute little Lola is now about five lbs.  She still loves to cuddle and is the ultimate lap dog but let me tell you, she definitely learned how to bark!  She loves people which turns out to be both her best and worst quality.  She wants to say hi to every person that she sees. Most people think she is so cute until she piddles on the shoe.  In fact, a few weeks ago Aunt LaNae came to our house.  LaNae picked up Lola and of course lola peed on her pants.  Joel was so frustrated and said, "I am SO sick of Lola peeing on our guests!!".  You and me both!  Its been such an adventure having her in our home these past few months. 

I love this picture.  One day I found lola walking around the kitchen like this.  She had found my nephew Jacobs paci.  She really is our little baby haha. 

I love this pic.  Of course potty training her has been a challenge.  One time Joel looked down and noticed that she was trying to "go #2" on our bathroom so he immediately picked her up and put her over the toilet. 

Best Buds

Sunday, July 24, 2011

ATI Test tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day...Carly takes her ATI test, which is a comprehensive exam which covers all material from her entire nursing program. Graduates have to pass this exam just to qualify for the NCLEX (her boards) which she will take later next month. She has studied tirelessly for this exam, and I have every confidence in the world that she will do awesome (awesomely?) She really deserves it.

Good luck babe! :) I love you...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This weekend we went up the "the cabin" to go snowmobiling with Scott and Andrea. We had SO MUCH FUN! Holy Cow. We cant wait to go back!
Joel and I both got our machines stuck in the snow. After a few minutes of digging it out, Scott told me to back up because when he drove it out the machine would kick up a lot of snow. He was right...and I didnt back up far enough! lol

These are the machines....stuck in the powder. Stupid powder!

Snow pants are soooooo flattering. I love them!

This is Dead Mans Hill. It is really tall and steep. I was SOOOOO scared! And actually coming down was 10 times scarier than going up!

Finished Project!

Finally finished my project and got it framed! I stole this whole idea from Jessie Polli (Steve Pierces wife) who has this on her table. Its cuter in person I promise!!

Tara Rollins Baby Shower!

My friend Tara is getting ready to have her baby girl! Here are a few pictures from her baby shower! Congrats Tara!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just to See you Smile!

I know that my last post was a "brag about my husband" post but here we go again! He just gives me too many opportunities! So tonight Joel went to bed before me because I was watching "While you were sleeping" and apparently Joel wasn't that into it. When I went to the bedroom I noticed this card on my pillow! It is my first singing card that I have ever received! The outside says, Anything. That's what I'd do for you. The inside says Everything. That's what you mean to me sings the time mcgraw song "just to see you smile". He is so sweet because he always remembers our month-iversaries. Gotta love him!
Ill try to limit my mushy post from now on but I want to record some of them so I can remember the small things he does for me all the time!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thanks for the mayo!

So tonight when Joel got off work I called him and asked him to stop by the store and grab some celery and bread so that we could have chicken salad sandwiches. The second that he walked in the door I realized that we didn't have any mayo!! My heart sank! lol not really but I was pretty bummed because there is a snow/rain storm going on right now and I knew that there was noooo way that I would go to the store in those conditions! I told Joel that he didnt need to go to the store and that we would just figure something else out. He knew I really was not too excited about cereal for dinner so he wouldn't take no for an answer. Right now he is at the store picking up some mayo so we can have our simple little dinner. He is great...and I am spoiled! Love him!